Solution Overview

Increase agricultural crops while saving on operational cost

The integrated Mottech/Motorola control and monitoring solutions for agricultural irrigation is based on the well proven IRRInet platform. Specifically configured to match the needs of farmers, growers and agricultural organizations, this robust and reliable irrigation control system enables monitoring and control over an unlimited number of field valves.

Mottech's status as a Motorola master distributor enables us to bring Motorola's innovative and reliable products to the fingertips of every farmer. In a world experiencing serious water shortages, smart and accurate irrigation is no longer a luxury - it is an essential operational and cost-reducing requirement.

The IRRInet-based solutions for efficient agricultural irrigation are uniquely designed and tailored to match the specific requirements of each site they are deployed at.

Tested and proven the world over, these solutions monitor and control centralized, computerized large –scale water and irrigation schemes remotely and automatically.



System Highlights

The IRRInet Control System by Mottech is comprised of the following key components:

• ICC PRO irrigation central management software tools

• Two-way wire line/wireless communication system

• IRRInet field controllers

• Remote Terminal Units (RTU):

      Piccolo XR – two-way radio communication system

      Single Cable Piccolo – two way wire line communication system

A reliable communication infrastructure for remote management of the IRRInet System can be established using a variety of communication methods including private radio communication, landline, cellular, fiber optic and the Internet.

Installation and Support

All Mottech's systems are installed by highly qualified field technicians, supported by local teams of Mottech VARs (Value Added Resellers) and dealers. Additional support is provided via a remote help desk and remote operation services.

Mottech provides high level of technical support and consulting in irrigation design to VARs, dealers, and farmers at no additional cost.



Key Advantages

The inherent advantages associated with the ICC PRO and IRRInet solutions are based on the seamless integration between the platform's communication and control systems. Due to its distributed-architecture logic and control capabilities, this robust system puts each field controller within the operator's easy reach and is systematically managed and remotely controlled via the smart and efficient control center.

Consequently farmers can:

• Increase crop yields and quality, while saving on operational costs and labor.

• Automatically and accurately irrigate and fertilize (irrigate + fertilize = fertigate) crops by remote control - with exactly the right quantity, at exactly the right time, activating specific valves.

• Easily plan water budgets according to advanced agricultural parameters.

• Reduce water consumption; optimize use of fertilizers, and minimize energy costs.

• Manage the irrigation process from practically anywhere - whether from the office, from home or on the road.

• Immediately detect any system irregularities and leaks online, and receive real time reports (even to mobile phones by SMS) while automated response is taking place.

Tailor-made Solutions

Each IRRInet-based agricultural irrigation control system is uniquely configured to fully match the particular operational and technological requirement of each specific project. Solutions are based on standard state-of-the-art, 'off-the-shelf' equipment to ensure availability, ease of use, cost efficiency, modularity, and the flexibility to expand according to the site's evolving needs. The integrated Mottech/Motorola solutions are also designed to enable monitoring and control over an unlimited number of field RTUs.

Advantages for VARs

Mottech Value Added Resellers and dealers can provide farmers with a uniquely effective "one-stop solution" presenting a reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective water and irrigation control system. Designed and manufactured according to Motorola's and Mottech's highest standards the systems are supplied to VARs fully-assembled, configured, and tested.

Advantages for Designers of Water Management Systems

Irrigation scheme designers are invited to contact Mottech directly or engage to the local Mottech VARs for any design advice as well as technical support.